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10 reasons why a conference is right for YOUR organisation:

The benefit of having a conference event is that they can satisfy a number of different objectives.  Regardless of your business (or your objective) a conference can deliver on many levels

Conferences can be used to....

1 – Engage Your Audience:  Conferences can be an innovative way of engaging your audience.  Great way to get people on-board for your product or initiative launch.  What’s more, a good conference doesn’t have to be death by PowerPoint.  Have a look here for what we did for Relentless.

2 – Gain Consistency:  Events can give multiple audiences the same message at the same time – very important in organisations of all sizes.

3 – Learn:  Briefing the audience as one group and then splitting the audience into syndicate groups helps people learn from each other, especially if the groups are across many functions.

4 – Network:  Breaks and small group meetings offer excellent networking opportunities – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

5 – Excite:  Conferences give you the opportunity to surprise your audience – the stage encourages you to do things differently and build anticipation.

6 – Share Best Thinking:  Two minds are better than one, so just think about the power of the multiple minds in front of you.

7 – Fundraise:  Conferences can be a force for good.  Dinner, entertainment and charity auctions can generate large amounts of money for your chosen cause.

8 – Encourage Participation:  The best conferences encourage the audience to be part of the event – what better way for people to engage by getting them involved!

9 – Celebrate:  Conferences are a great way to end the financial year and say a massive thank you to your teams for all of their hard work.

10 – Motivate:  Setting targets at your conference and recognising the efforts of your teams is a fantastic motivator for the year ahead.

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