This year, we would like to find under our Christmas trees...Karl:
A completely new, non-cover, non-reality show driven, Christmas song at number one on Christmas Day.
Snow. And lots of it. But all gone by Jan 3rd.
Carol singers on Christmas eve – with a lantern.
A chance to watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.
City to have dropped points by the time we get back to work.


A watch
Gucci dress
Mulberry handbag
Tiffany diamond necklace …and world peace!Vickie:
My very superficial list
A Mulberry Bag
And to top it off nicely…. A Range Rover Evoque – I would say the Sport model but I still need something to work towards for the future!

I would like to be 3 inches taller! Is that possible?
And an original Dark Knight poster signed by Chris Nolan, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger Michael Cain and Gary Oldman!

A Micropig
A flight somewhere warm
A good Christmas dinner with all the family


A personal masseuse who is on call 24/7
A teleporting machine
Zac Efron/Dave Grohl/ Joe Hart- any of the listed will do

A holiday (American road trip would be nice),
A Mini
Snow (but only when the Christmas holidays have begun).