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Employee Volunteer Programmes: Not Just For Christmas!


Employee Volunteer Programmes (EVPs) are becoming increasingly accepted as a means of allowing employees an outlet to contribute to good causes, whilst at the same time, addressing company objectives and nurturing loyalty and motivation across all staffing levels.
We can help create, launch and run your EVP, starting with identifying your objectives and understanding how participants could maximise their experience and the charities could really benefit from the association with you.

Once a cause has been selected we will work with them to identify specific tasks to be undertaken and create briefing packs.

We manage all logistics, such as transport, printed collateral and catering, which could also be themed.  If CRB approvals are needed, we could be the focal point to chase employee completions and processing.

Capturing some of the day on film is a great way of recruiting future volunteers and could also be used at future events such as conferences or on your website.

We could even build a registration website whereby employees could identify themselves as being interested in willing to volunteer.

The more the group bonds and identifies itself as a group, the more they will get out of it.  Sharing the experience drives this but creating an identity, branding for your programme and generating footage all contribute.

Allowing the group to see and experience that they have made a genuine difference will help them get the most out of it.  Allowing them to reflect on the circumstances of others compared to those of themselves, will also help them get the most out of it.

It’s also quite probable that many will put a few things into perspective and may even re-evaluate some work related issues they feel they have. (Everything is relative!)

Give us a call on 0161 428 1115 or email us if you’d like to talk about your ideas for an Employee Volunteer Programme.

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