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How Incentives Can Help Your Business

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Incentives are used by our clients as an investment in their team and are key to delivering results.  An important tool for motivating employees, incentives can be used to engage staff around key messages and activities. Here are some of the key benefits Assured Events' incentives have brought to teams throughout the UK.

1) Boost Productivity – Incentives help to focus your employees on key activities, for example, a distribution drive for a new product, to deliver an increase in productivity across the whole team increases, not just those of your top performers.

2) Build Team Spirit – Incentives allow a manager to set a clear mission for their team.  One of the most vital elements to a successful team is a shared team purpose where all members pull together in the same direction.  Incentives provide this sense of purpose to your employees.

3) Increase Retention – Having a series of incentives over the course of the year is a great way to retain your employees by keeping them engaged with the brand as well as felling valued and rewarded for their hard work.

4) Recognise Your Stars – Top performers are often motivated by recognition of their results.  Incentives will allow them to not only be recognised but also rewarded for the results that they deliver and push underperformers to work harder. In larger organisations, incentives also help employees see how their efforts contribute to the business’s bottom line.

5) Keep your employees engaged   – To ensure that the incentive is hitting the right spot, why not ask your team about what they would like as an incentive prize before you start?  Asking their opinion will help them feel valued as well as building excitement and enthusiasm before the event starts!

At Assured Events, we believe that incentives do not have to be the reserve of large organisations.  Regardless of the size of your team or budget, we will be able to create a plan to recognise, motivate and reward your best performers.  Contact us to see the benefits that we can deliver to your team. 

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