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Busy Event

Mabel is an event planner. She can boast that she has planned successful events for hundreds of people and been a success in the industry for decades. She always had previous clients referring her work to new ones, until the last 5 years or so.  Business has slowed; no more referrals are coming in… why, she wonders? She’s doing things as she’s always done and people loved how she did things before.

Mabel’s problem is that she is doing what she’s always done because that’s what she’s always done… not because it’s the best way to plan an event or do business. The events industry, as most industries, will always be changing due to technology and trends. If you’re an old fashioned Mabel-type, you’re doomed to fail.

Do you know a Mabel?

They are out there… even though we are in the paperless industry where people want to connect via LinkedIn or trade their business cards virtually, there are some exhibitors and event producers who are still wasting unnecessary amounts of paper and ultimately, not pleasing their attendees.

Or worse, are you a Mabel?  We’ve all done it; gotten into a routine. As humans, habitual actions can seem comforting. But when does habit mean trouble? –In the workplace.  When an action goes from something you do because it is helpful and meaningful to doing what you’ve always done because that’s how you’ve always done it, like Mabel—it’s a problem.

How can you stay current on the event industry trends?

  1. Read event relevant blogs— there are plenty of event industry bloggers out there willing to share their knowledge and opinions of trends.

  2. Subscribe to a niche event magazine—magazines are full of trends and chances are you can find one specialized to the type of events you plan (conventions, trade shows, etc.) and also specialized to your area.

  3. Get on Pinterest—It’s popular for a reason! Check out our Pinterest page!

  4. Twitter—follow fellow peers in the industry, participate in relevant Twitter chats and use hash tags that will help others see your content

What tips do you have to keep up to date with your industry?

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