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Opening Ceremony Takes Gold

The Olympics are now well underway and the nation seems to be getting behind Team GB, regardless of which sport is being watched.  I suppose that’s what we in the UK, often do – heap scorn on an event until it happens and then love it with all our hearts.  This may be an inherent part of our DNA but partly I think the Opening Ceremony blew the world away and freed us up to love the games!

The TV spectacle was incredible.  The event captured so much of what makes us British and projected it back at us.  It held up a mirror; we recognised the reflection and loved what we saw.  No other country could have delivered that content.  It had a solid storyline, sometimes presented seriously but then also with ladles of humour, cheekiness and showmanship.

The organisers knew their audiences’ expectations, (present, domestic and worldwide) and delivered way beyond them.  It’s the same with any event, whether a conference, incentive, launch or awards dinner…know your audience and deliver content that will not only engage them but blow them away, not what you or the client would like to see or do.  It’s all too easy to lose sight of the why when trying to deliver the how.

On a personal note, I attended with my young family and the atmosphere before, during and after the Ceremony was like nothing I had experienced before.  Everyone seemed to be revelling in being part of a shared experience and overseas visitors were heaping praise on the organisation, the event and the city of London.

And on that note, London is not my hometown but I actually felt proud of it.  It was clean, friendly, well organised and in carnival mood!  Congratulations to the organisers and the good folk of London.  You can be proud of the way you have seized the opportunity and presented yourself in this, the most global of shop windows.

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