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Social Media in Event Management

Social media has changed the way we all interact with each other and therefore, the way businesses interact with their customers.  When planning a corporate event, social media offers you a real chance to engage your audience and beyond before, during and after your event.

Here we will focus on the 4 largest social networks with two tips that you can easily adopt to integrate social media into event planning.


  • Create a hashtag (#) for your audience to use when talking about an event, e.g. #SMawardsnight – this will encourage users to track your event and make it easier for people who may be interested in your content to find you

  • Information can be easily shared on Twitter, which is key for conferences, building on ideas and spreading key messages.


  • Post details of event in the events section of Facebook – and leave it open for people to confirm that they are attending

  • Post photos after the event and ask people to tag themselves in them.  Take the opportunity to share video content, take polls and share ideas pre and post events


  • Share content, even consider live streaming – encourage interest for next year. Let key speakers etc introduce themselves.

  • Place video testimonials of satisfied clients here, bring your positive feed-back into life


  • Encourage forum discussion, invite key speakers and industry influencers. Start a group focussed on event content and engage with users afterwards.

  • Post updates in the run up to your event, review the event, and then post testimonials – and don’t forget to ask people to recommend your company and its individuals

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