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Telendos... Hidden Greece

Telendos in Greece might not be the next incentive destination of the year, nor is it the most accessible location for your next event... but it sure is perfect for your next escape.

For event professionals, the mind never rests; every restaurant in which we dine, every hotel in which we reside, every venue we explore, the mind is in overdrive creating the perfect incentive package, conference, or corporate engagement. So how do we escape? Telendos might just have the key...

As soon as you set foot on the plane to you are on a technological evolution back in time. From plane... to ferry... to fisherman’s boat, you arrive at Greece’s best kept secret; a place with no cars, no bikes... in fact no form of transportation at all... simplicity at its most primitive level.

Arguably, this is an event profs worst nightmare; how will you blog, tweet, Linkin?! No need to despair my friend. Telendos is fully connected, with more Wi-Fi hotspots than Starbucks and McDonalds put together! But once the Greek islands charm takes over, even the most connected will “log off” and “shut down”.

Need a little gentle push to help getting back to basics? Cross back over to the “mainland” of Kalymnos, grab yourself a scooter and drive... explore... enjoy. It has numerous hidden villages, coves and tavernas offering freshly caught octopus and only one road around the whole island, you are safe with the knowledge you can’t go far wrong!

Feeling a little more adventurous? Why not try your hand at rock climbing; after all you are at the number one location in the world. But a word of warning, this isn’t for the faint hearted; be prepared to scale 30 meters of natural, sheer rock face.

Are you building up an appetite for the Greek lifestyle? If there is only one place you eat during your stay be sure to make it “Aegean Taverna” located on the west coast of Kalymnos. Be sure to ask for table no.1... aptly numbered as the best seat in the house!

Telendos is a place absent of thought; the mind is free to wander. I can see you are eager to travel, but what’s the rush...get in touch with your inner Greek persona now; it can all be done in “five Greek minutes”!

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