Olympic Stadium

The most anticipated event in the UK in many years is due to take place tonight.  The official start to the London 2012 Olympics and the Opening Ceremony.

Produced by Oscar-winner Danny Boyle, and with dress rehearsal (Monday) and full rehearsal (Wednesday) under its belt, it promises to be spectacular.  Attendees to the rehearsals were urged to save the surprise (despite the press embargo on Monday and Wednesday, it trended on Twitter), but here is what we think could be in the ceremony.

While we will look at the opening ceremony with tongues firmly in cheeks, the Opening Ceremony will set the mood for the London Olympics.  It is a key step in the engagement of the nation in the Games, and if it is as spectacular as we all hope, it will generate a lot of excitement – events like this can be powerful and it is an opportunity not to be missed by the organisers.  Tune in at 20:12 tonight (obviously!) to catch the action.

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