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Top 5 Unusual Conference Activities

All work and no play makes Jack & Jill rather dull folk!  Progressive organisations realise that regardless of their conference objectives, it’s always essential to build in some fun.  Now, some material is very difficult to deliver in a fun way and that’s fine. Business is ultimately a serious business and more often than not, once you strip away the intros, icebreakers, spoof films, stage props (you get the idea), eventually, a serious vein has to be hit, mined and communicated.

However, dedicating some time within the event to a pleasantly distracting activity is not only welcomed by attendees, it can seriously improve the uptake of your conference message (remember there should always be a message!).  Here are some of the more unusual distractions we’ve created.

  1. Human Beatboxing:  Making the human voice sound like a range of musical instruments and delivering that sound with tune and rhythm is no mean feat but that’s what we’ve had groups of people doing, with mics and even the odd jiggy movement!  It breaks down barriers, builds trust and leaves people with a neat little party trick.

  2. Graffiti Workshop:  “But I can’t draw or paint” - perfect!  It’s completely irrelevant as our pro graffiti artists teach the groups basic strokes and techniques allowing them to create giant murals and graphics.  The imagery could be centred around team identities, brand messages or the key conference messages.  No Underground carriages are harmed during this exercise.

  3. Freestyle Footballing: OK, so not everyone can be Ronaldo but our world class freestyle footballers break down hard skills into easy-to-digest smaller chunks.  Delegates are left with amazing skills to showcase to friends and family, or random passers-by in the park.

  4. Junk Funk: As a part of the conference exercise delegates create musical instruments out of, well, junk.  Emergency essential maintenance is being carried out in the corner of the room and suddenly they become hi-vis musical maestros, knocking out tunes with their tools and materials.  The room joins in and before you know it…rhythm is a recycled canister.

  5. Freestyle BMXing:  Our champion flatland BMX riders get everyone padded up; teach  a basic range of tricks and stunts then join them up to culminate in a seamless sequence worthy of any YouTube sensation. Instant respect from the kids.

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