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What was it like being an Olympic Games Maker?

Although Assured Events Co-ordinator Jade is back at Huddersfield University to complete her final year, she has shared her amazing experience as an Olympic Games Maker with us…

Jade The Olympic Games Maker

When asked what it was like to be involved with London 2012, I struggle to find an answer.  How is it possible to summarise such an amazing experience?  Well, here goes.

When applying to be a part of The Games, I was so eager to be involved that I said I was happy to be allocated any position and was available for all of summer.

In July 2011, I was invited for an interview for the Victory Ceremonies – a position I knew little about, but was very excited for.  I was successful in the interview and was offered the role of Athlete Escort at the ExCel Centre for the Olympics and Brands Hatch for the Paralympics.

After a few training sessions and a number of rehearsals, I was confident in what my position would entail and assured that the choreography didn’t involve any actual dancing – a massive relief on my part!

On my first day, I realised how fantastic my role really was – I got to see the athletes as they came off of the field of play, and then brief them on the procedures, before escorting them to the podium.

Throughout the day the excitement would build, from getting into costume to sneaking out to watch some of the action (keeping an eye on Team GB’s progress, of course), but nothing compares to the feeling of standing behind the athletes as they stepped up to receive their medals.

There were so many highlights for The Games, from all of the lovely people I met, to being able to say I was there; I was involved with London 2012!  Though, all things considered, my number one highlight was escorting Gemma Gibbons to the podium to collect her silver medal in judo, GB’s first Olympic judo medal since the Sydney Games in 2000; an experience I’ll remember forever (excuse the cheese)!

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