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Why team building makes business sense...

We at Assured Events run dozens of team building events per year for our clients.  What makes team building so effective is that we can make them very specific to the needs of the client, so that the activity is a good investment in the people who are participating.

There are a lot of benefits to team building.  An effective exercise is an investment not a cost, because the right exercise can help to drive communication between different team members, and increase morale as the participants see the investment being made by the organisation.  It can help individual’s personal development and help to draw teams together with a clearly defined sense of purpose.

What are the types of team-building exercises?

Communications – a very useful team building solution to teams with new members.  Working together and sharing information helps teams start communicating.  For example, sharing information about themselves with their team-mates can increase communication between the team, although the sharing of any personal information would need to be treated sensitively.

Planning Exercises – these will help strategic thinking for your team.  There are a wide variety of exercises to highlight the importance of planning and for small tasks to be completed in order to successfully achieve the objective.

Problem Solving – the most effective teams have a common sense of purpose – sports teams are a good example of this.  If you give a team a common goal for them to achieve as a unit then this will help those team members to see the way that different people work and where the specialisms are in the team.  All valuable information that people can take back into the workplace.

Trust – these tasks often work well in teams that are well established and highlight the importance of structured communication, both giving and receiving.

Above all though – any team activity has to be fun as well as tailored to the group’s requirement!

It’s no secret that the most effective teams are the ones which win in business.  Spending money on team building is an investment in your people and fun way of developing the skills of the individuals in the team.  Contact us to see how team building can help you to achieve your business objectives



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